Battle of the Tribes

JOIN the FYC (Filipino Youth Coalition) celebrate their 20th year with Battle of the Tribes (BOTT) this Saturday, May 30th from 4:30pm-11pm at Milpitas High School!

BOTT is an annual skits and games competition amongst high schools in San Jose organized by FYC kids, staff and volunteers.

2015 Theme: Fairy Tales

Short History:
In the summer of 1992, a group of San Jose high school and college students came together to share a common concern and vision. They observed family members and friends involved in gang violence, drugs, dropping out of school, participating in non-constuctive activities, having limited choices, identity loss and lack of direction. These young leaders felt an urgency to discuss these issues and developed solutions and alternatives for them. These visionaries were determined and from regular garage meetings, it developed into an official non-profict organization now called the Filipino Youth Coalition (FYC). This organization is now very active in serving the youth and families of the Filipino community. FYC is organized to provide positive youth activities, choices and alternatives. The goal of FYC is to assist our youth in character development and community involvement. FYC programs are based on the following components: education, culture, leadership, and community.

Come One, Come All. Please support and cheer San Jose’s young ‘uns On!

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