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Candy Canes of Hope for the Mangyans of the Philippines

Power ng Pinoy proudly sponsors NEW FOUND LOVE’s Candy Canes of Hope, a benefit show, to raise money to help the Mangyans of the Philippines.  In cooperation with Kid’s Hope Ministry, this event will take place on December 23rd at 10:30am-1:30pm at Season’s Marketplace in Milpitas, California.

NEW FOUND LOVE is Hannah Huyoa’s brain-child.   Hannah Huyoa, a professional singer, drummer and model, had always wished to be able to share her blessings and give back to her motherland, the Philippines.  This year, she met Ria Recinto (champion gymnast), Jason Roldan (professional model), and Justin Smaby (professional model), who all have the same passion and desire to give back to their roots.  This coming together of talented youth with generous hearts gave rise to the fundraising project.

Mommiegers (stands for “mommy managers”) Minnete Huyoa (Hannah’s mom), Karen Togle-Recinto (Ria Recinto’s mom), Beth Roldan (Jason’s mom) and Joyce Smaby (Justin’s mom) initially thought of Christmas Caroling at the malls to raise funds.  But the idea expanded and eventually became the show Candy Canes of Hope, a fundraiser to help the Mangyans in the Philippines.

Who are the Mangyans? The Mangyans are a cultural minority comprised of eight ethnolinguistic groups of proto-malay origin who reside in the mountainous region of Mindoro island. The Mangyans are the native inhabitants of Mindoro, the seventh largest island in the Philippines.  They are very nomadic and they avoid outside influences to protect their own culture.  In doing so, they have remained primitive in their ways. New Found Love decided to help the Mangyans, specifically the community in Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro.  It is truly a blessing as New Found Love found a contact who had previously given preliminary aid to the said cultural minority group.  Therefore, getting started with the project was easy, it was really meant to be.

The proceeds from the fundraising show will initially help the Mangyans get access to clean drinking water by providing water purification systems, learn about sanitation by building public restrooms, and receive shoes and clothing from donors.  These are only a few of the many projects in tow – New Found Love will address one need at a time.  Supporting this small benefit event will make a big difference in the lives of the Mangyans.

Candy Canes of Hope is teeming with Special Guests Poyay Soriano, Stella Ruiz, Sansu Ramsey, Gene Flores, and Performers JD Charisma, Joanna Agustin, Mika Gorospe, Dojo Guamboy, Jojo Seriña, StarZ Band feat/Maddie B., Armahlyte, Dianne Valerio, Michelle Nakpil and Hannah & Khaye feat.  Glenn Donaire, champion flyweight boxer, will attend and support the event by donating signed boxing gloves.  Attendees will definitely enjoy the show while sharing their blessings in the spirit of Christmas!

(For more information regarding this event or if interested in giving support, please contact Minnete Huyoa at or Beth Roldan at


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