DFC’s “Spring Fling Fashion and Trunk Show” Features Bay Area’s Top Designers This April

Designer Fashion Circle (DFC) is created and founded by Filipino-American designer, Chona Pike from Santa Clara – California. It is an organization composed of fashion enthusiasts who produce a series of fashion shows, sample sales, trunk shows and photo shoots to showcase their creative talents. The rest of the team is comprised of Sudha Muthu (Designer), Setts Estaniel (Lead Model/Press Release Editor), Nina Martina (Model/Trainer/Event Host), Jonne Wilson (Model/Trainer/Guest Relations) and Katrina Soledad (Model/Marketing Director).

Most of the team members have full-time jobs yet they are dedicated to every project that comes their way. The series of fashion events allow them to use their creativity and hone their skills and talents in the world of fashion.

DFC will be holding their first fashion and trunk show on April 18th (Saturday) at Palm Valley Communities in San Jose, California featuring Bay Area’s Top Designers and also, a special designer from Japan.



(Designer Chona Pike with her model daughter, Sheri Pike. Photo By: Gerry Gatchalian)

(Designer Chona Pike with her model daughter, Sheri Pike. Photo By: Gerry Gatchalian)


Chona Pike, DFC’s founder, was born and raised in the Philippines. Her aunt, who is also a designer and a seamstress, inspired her to pursue her passion for fashion. She started designing when she moved to United States twenty-two years ago.

Chona felt the need to sew clothes because she thought that the dresses for kids here in America were overpriced.  So, she bought her first sewing machine and started her first project – making dresses for her daughter. After that, she got into designing evening gowns, wedding gowns and also, children’s wear.

This chic designer started participating in fashion shows in 2010 and has been active in the fashion scene ever since.  She won the Best Designer award at the “Runway Masquerade-Themed Fashion Show & New Designer Contest” held in San Francisco, CA two years ago.

Chona will showcase her luxurious collection of gowns inspired by spring colors and patterns at their upcoming show.

Peter Cassara

(Photo from Peter Cassara’s official website)



Peter Cassara is the CEO of Peter Cassara Clothier in Sunnyvale, California. This inveterate tailor from small town Monreale in Sicily, Italy discovered his passion when he was just seven years old. At that tender age, Peter started using the paddle by foot sewing machine. He is a self-taught designer making suits for manufacturers in Palerm, Sicily. He moved to San Jose, California in 1971 and prides himself as an exclusive Italian designer for men. Peter travels worldwide to bring the newest fashion trends to his loyal customers in California.



Monique Dear

Monique Dear is the founder and owner of Fashionlaw Clothing Designs. She hails from Santa Barbara but is now living in San Jose, California. Her love for fashion began when she watched her first fashion show by jean Franco Ferre at 12 years old. From that moment, Monique knew that was what she wanted to do.

She mastered her craft by being self-taught but now she is attending West Valley College to bring her skills to the 21st century.

Monique will be showcasing her “upscale street wear” fashion. She wants to take something forgotten and to just simply freshen up your wardrobe by creating something new, hot and trendy without spending a lot of money.

Kenzo Suzuki is the owner and founder of 8th Continental. She was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. She discovered her passion for fashion when she first came to San Francisco in 2012 to study costume design at the Academy of Art University. Before that, Kenzo was into the art of painting.

Kenzo SuzukiShe started her brand, The 8th Continent last November 2014. This Japanese designer will showcase kimono dresses with textiles designed by David Klein and maybe, also a swimwear collection.

Kenzo’s inspiration behind the designs is her heritage and culture. She comes from a generation of traditional Japanese guitar player family therefore her grandmother, mother and she, herself, still wear kimono up to this day.  She says that it just natural for her to design a traditional-inspired outfit but looks modern. Kenzo’s color choices are vibrant and also. dark. She will be using only gold for her swimwear line. It’s a color that gives her so much positive energy and wants her clients to embody that same spirit when wearing her swimwear.


David Klein was born and raised in West L.A. He came to SFSU (San Francisco State University) and thought about going back to LA or NYC to become an actor but met a beautiful girl who eventually became his wife. They have two children: Julia Klein who is now a top SF model and Jonathan Klein who is a successful freelance artist.

Fabric Designer David Klein with model Angelica Janice who is sporting a dress designed by Kenzo Suzuki at a fashion event.

Fabric Designer David Klein with model Angelica Janice who is sporting a dress designed by Kenzo Suzuki at a fashion event.

David studied theatre, filmmaking and philosophy in SFSU. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in film back in 1978. He also started his career in real estate in 1989. In 2006, he took photo, art and textile classes at CCSF (City College of San Francisco). David also read a lot of books and studied online as much as he could about textile design.

David discovered his passion for designing fabric prints at 53 years old. He has always loved painting, photography, fine arts and graphic arts. After he took up photography at age 50, David was invited at a fashion show by a bunch of artists and painters who had printed their artwork on fabrics for the show. He immediately fell in love with fabric prints. Now, he is focusing on designing textiles and finds designers to work with his fabric prints.

David will be working with Japan-based designer Kenzo Suzuki who will showcase kimonos for the spring show. His inspiration for the images he used to make the fabrics comes from his love of nightlife and seeing beautiful colored lights.


Engracia Jewelry is a line of fine handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, and precious stones; and sterling silver or 14k gold.

María RodríguezCreator and designer María Rodríguez hails from a small town in central Mexico. She graduated from Alas in 2008 and aspires to open her own business and to have her jewelry worn “all around the world.”

Currently, Engracia Jewelry is sold at City Art Gallery, Artillery Apparel Gallery, and Wonderland SF Gallery in San Francisco. These three locations have attracted customers near and far, including some from various regions of the world such as Russia, Israel and Italy. Engracia Jewelry has also appeared in several Bay Area fashion shows and magazines.

Engracia Jewelry donates 10% of your purchase toward the research efforts of the Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America.

“Engracia” comes from the Spanish two-word phrase “En gracia” meaning, “Done in grace.”


For more information, please check the links below:
DAVID KLEIN (www.wildbeautifulfabrics)

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