Filipino English Teacher is World Top

Feature on BBC. “The world’s budget English teacher” can be found in the Philippines, according to a report by BBC News published on their website Monday.While students from all over the world can get their language education from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia, more and more are heading to the Philippine shores because of lower costs.”They’re all here because they can get good quality teaching for a fraction of what it would cost in America or the United Kingdom,” said correspondent Kate McGeown in a report.She cited statistics from the Philippine Immigration Bureau: some 24,000 people “applied for a study permit this year,” three times that of the number four years ago.Besides cheap rates, “the accent” is also a “major advantage,” said the report, explaining how the archipelago was now cashing in on the language the Americans left when they colonized the country at the end of the 19th century. Call-center training, in addition, honed the “clear American accent” of some English teachers.”It’s a good place to learn English, to get your accent better,” said Saudi student Ahed Alaa Al-Khayyat. “I have friends here… (who) can understand my language better now.”However, international students aren’t just after English proficiency.

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