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Filipino unKonference


photo credit: Kristian Kabuay

If you are in the mood to take part in something that is definitely NOT a conference, check out the Filipino unKonference. Be prepared to not get bored because according to organizer (or unOrganizer) Kristian Kabuay, “there will be no corporate sponsor talks, no action slide presentations, no hotel halls, no academic institutions, no entrance fees, and no call for papers”.

Instead, there will be a traditional preFilipino tattoo talk and demo with Lane Wilcken and a Hilot workshop (traditional preFilipino healing) with Dr. Jasmine Therese Esguerra. Student psychologists from The Wright Institute will speak about their experiences in psychology as Filipino Americans, colonial mentality, and their research. unKonference Organizer Kristian Kabuay will also talk about Bayani Art, Sari Sari Underground and Eskabo Daan. A portion of the afternoon will also be dedicated to what the participants would want to do.

Here are more information about the unSpeakers.

9241919_origLane Wilcken is a mambabatek or cultural practitioner of the ancient hand-tap tattooing traditions of the Philippines. He specializes in the traditional symbolism of the Philippines and applies tattoos as a spiritual practice. Lane constructs all his own tools using wood, horn, bone, and thorns to make his tattoo impliments. Lane has studied the tattoo practices of the Philippines for over 22 years and is the author of “Filipino Tattoos: Ancient to Modern” and “The Forgotten Children of Maui: Filipino Myths, Tattoos & Rituals of a Demigod.” He is also the former Editor-in-Chief of 808ink, Hawaii’s premier tattoo magazine.

9534770Joseph Bautista has been involved in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) since 2003. It was a way for him to learn more about his culture and heritage. In 2009 he and his Grandmaster opened up ESKABO Daan, the only FMA School that only teaches FMA in the nation. In an effort to preserve and promote the rich history of FMA he has done countless performances, seminars and lectures. After 5 years of building up Eskabo Daan he was able to quit his job for the Department of Homeland Security to be able to focus entirely on FMA.

5321164Kristian Kabuay runs a small art and education business based on Baybayin, an indigenous writing system from the Philippines, and has spoken about the same at numerous schools and institutions such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, SF State University, University of the Philippines, Asian Art Museum, National Anthropology Museum of Madrid, Tokyo University, and the San Francisco Philippine Consulate. In 2013, he completed a European tour of Paris, Madrid, London and Brussels in July and is currently working on his 4th book, documentary, and online school.

The unKonference will be held on November 14 (Saturday, 10-7pm) at the Fort Mason Center Landmark Building C, room C230, San Francisco, CA 94123. Please check out the Filipino unKonference website for more details.


The Global Filipino Network is a media sponsor of the Filipino unKonference.

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