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GFN Launches Writing Workshop Series


The workshop attendees with author Geraldine Solon (5th from the left)

(Fremont, California)– Global Filipino Network staged a successful Writers’ Workshop last Saturday, February 27, 2015, with award-winning Filipino-American writer Geraldine Solon as instructor. Solon, author of seven novels, including the best-selling “Love Letters”, and a marketing guidebook for authors, presented a module for blogging as platform for writing. The workshop was titled “Writing from the Heart” and Solon highlighted the need for writers to write passionately while emphasizing the need for writers to feel the sense of reward by earning money while being in the writing industry.
“All my children are artists and they love what they do.” Said Carmen Zialcita, Solon’s mother, who was present at the workshop to support her daughter. Solon, a writing prodigy, expressed in her younger years that she will write without expecting to earn money. Fortunately, Solon has realized that it is the reward and validation of her work as a literary artisan.

According to Solon, only 7% of book writers sell a thousand copies and above. The writing industry is a cutthroat system just like many other professions. Luckily, there are new platforms available for good writers to have their books published. She has given the attendees information on how to publish on Amazon and how much they should expect to earn from such. The harder part is when readership booms on literary works that are not of the higher quality. According to Solon, literary quality is one factor pushing her to conduct more workshops on writing and publication. “I invest on my editors, my cover artists, because I want to put value in my work,” Solon said.
Solon’s main module gives focus on Blogging. Although not a blogger, Solon mentioned that blogs should still contain elements present while writing a book: the purpose, the audience, the information, the competition, the topic, and the voice. “Writers land book deals because they write really good blogs,” she mentioned. Solon establishes the importance of gaining traction among blog readership in the digital age. “Blogs can help you establish your authority in the field, your audience, your platform, your online presence, and it can help you earn money,” she continues.

IMG_0231“This workshop is a very informative one and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to more workshops and it inspires me to work in my writing process more,” Eleanore Fernandez, member of the Global Filipino Network leadership, commented.
Geraldine Solon was previously the Managing Editor of Gastronomique en Vogue, a fashion-lifestyle magazine. She is currently a member of the Fremont Chapter of the California Writers Guild and she conducts workshops for aspiring writer. People can contact her through her email address:


The “Writing from the Heart” with Geraldine Solon is the first part of Global Filipino Network’s Writing Lecture Series. This event was presented by San Francisco Bay Area-based non-profit Global Filipino Network (GFN). GFN thrusts to incorporate its missions of educating the Filipinos through professional development, and creating better networking environment among the diaspora communities in an integrated and collaborative platform to engage relevant and meaningful conversations and information.


Geraldine Solon has written eight best-selling books which are all published in Amazon.

Geraldine Solon has written eight best-selling books which are all published in Amazon.

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