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October 8 is Martin Nievera Day in LA

It was a wonderful evening with Martin Nievera, the Concert King of the Philippines, when he celebrated one of his US concerts, “An Evening with Martin Nievera,” last October 8, 2016 at Hollywood’s Ford amphitheater located at East Los Angeles, California.

martin-onstageIn celebration of the Filipino-American Heritage Month this October, PAE Live, the Foundation International, and the local government of Los Angeles have awarded Nievera, during the concert’s intermission, the October 8 as the Martin Nievera Day. This is because of his contribution to the promotion of Filipino pop music, not only in the US but also around the world, and also for all his humanitarian contributions to the Philippines. He said it is a big honor to receive such an award and felt thankful that in his 34 years in the entertainment industry, people still recognizes his work. He also said that he is happy that he still gets to do concerts, although, he jokes, most of his fans are now in their oldies.


Prime Note Ensemble (Photo: Sonia Corong)

The night was filled with music and laughter as the iconic balladeer sings his heart out on stage and gives funny jokes on the side that the audience really enjoyed.
The concert was opened by a performance by the Prime Note Ensemble, a choir group of Filipino OFWs who’s originally from Saudi Arabia and came to the US to pursue their dreams in singing.

Nievera sang his popular songs of Filipino favorites in which the audience happily sang along. As always, he went to the audience and have them sing his songs, and while they’re singing, he happily takes their selfies for them. One grandma was even serenaded by Nievera because it was her birthday that night.

He also introduced his son Robin, who sang two of his original compositions during the concert. The boy was as talented as his dad as he also showed his talents in singing, composing, and playing the guitar. They also did a duet together onstage. Martin said that it was always a dream come true every time he performs live with his son.

As a composer, with numerous hit songs, Nievera also did a song composition in the concert where he had a couple in the front row as his subject. He asked them questions about their relationship, and with their answers he composed an on-the-spot song for them, which is really impressive and funny as well.

City of Los Angeles declaring October 8 as Martin Nievera Day in LA

Before the night ends, he did a performance with the Prime Note Ensemble with a rendition of a patriotic song about his country and the flight of OFWs abroad.
As the audience were preparing to go out after his final song, Ted Benito, the executive producer of the show, announced that there is one more surprise performance–a duet between Martin Nievera and wherein the audience happily applauded and danced to the rhythm, while rapped and sing with Martin.

The concert was produced by the PAE Live! (Pastiche Alchemy Entertainment), and Foundation International. PAE Live!, an entertainment production company dedicated to promoting and working with Asian-American artists irrespective of their genre; and the Foundation, headed by, one of the members of the famous US singing group Black Eyed Peas.


With Becca Godinez

Proceeds of the concert will go to the Foundation who has been helping the marginalized Filipino youth in the Philippines by building schools and providing them school supplies and quality education, so they may acquire knowledge and skills to improve their lives and be a productive member of the society in the future.

This concert is a good example of the Filipino-American friendship through the years, and how we strive to help each other in the best possible way we can. Indeed a deserving way to celebrate the Filipino-American Heritage Month.

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