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Since our inception in 2011 as a humble TV documentary program , we had the privilege of being able to speak up close and personal with some of the most inspiring Filipinos not just in the US and Canada but in many parts of the world. There are few things that had always come up as a piece of advice and common to these Filipinos – that they never gave and they never stopped dreaming.  That’s why they were able to achieve their goals. But there’s one thing that these people also did – they gave back to the community. They shared. Either their time, resources, or talents.

Giving back. This is what Power ngPinoyhas  stood for and will continue to pursue. We believe that true success is hollow without the element of giving back to society.

Typhoon Haiyan has claimed the lives of thousands of our fellow kababayans back home. As part of the Filipino global community, we had the responsibility to help despite are physical remoteness.  And so  here we are all. Power ngPinoy is proud to be part of the Philippine Aid Network whose vision is to provide a consolidated effort towards providing relief assistance to our kababayans in times of need. It is about time that Filipinos abroad work in unison and give back.  The establishment of the Philippine Aid Network is truly a great start towards this unification effort, so thanks to Philippine Aid Network.  Power ngPinoy has its full support.

As a quick update to our recent efforts on raising funds for the Typhoon Haiyan victims, Power ngPinoy organized a Bay Area-wide relief drive from Nov 16 to Nov 23 and a Benefit Dance on Dec 15th. The relief drive was in partnership with Island Pacific Supermarket, LBC Cargo, and Philippine Red Cross. A total of 165 donation boxes were collected from San Jose, Union City, and Vallejo locations, with around 50 volunteers donating their time and effort for the cause. The boxes are shipped directly to Philippine Red Cross for free by LBC. The benefit dance, dubbed “HandogPamasko”  is in partnership with the Cheryl Burke Dance company, Philippine American Press Club (PAPC). Other participating organizations include Project PEARLS, International Society of Filipinos in Finance in Accounting (ISFFA), and many other organizations.

I believe should view the super typhoon as  both a tragedy and a blessing. On the  one hand, while tragic as it is, this is also a wake-up call for us especially Filipinos abroad. The incident has proven that the leaders in the Philippine government is not able to deliver and  continuously failed to live up to the expectation of taking care of its own people. So those of us who have the resources must now act.  Unfortunately the Philippine politics has become the stumbling block to the country’s growth and has continued to be an embarrassment to the rest of the world.  Filipinos globally have the responsibility to help the country – in however they can. It will be an enourmous effort to change the way things are now, but even small steps will get us a long way. So we must start now.

Arnold Pedrigal


Power ng Pinoy

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  1. April 22, 2014 at 3:05 pm —

    Tayong mga Pilipino, madiskarte, matiyaga, at di sumsusuko, dahil ‘Yan ang Power ng Pinoy!