Our vision is to connect Filipinos worldwide by creating a collaborative and integrated platform  that will provide the source of most relevant and meaningful information for and about  Filipinos across the globe.

Writing Guidelines

  • Types of  Contents (Posts) – you can submit any of the following materials
    • Original standard – this is your own article that you wrote.  Keep your post between 700-1,300 words. Original means your post has never before been published anywhere and does not include any sections taken from a previously published post.
    • Video (curated or original) – you can submit a Post with embedded video plus a short commentary; typically 500 words or less. We only accept Youtube and Vimeo videos.
    • Audio  Posts – this is like a standard post but with a “Sound Cloud” audio embed; this is primarily used for write-ups about or by musicians.
    • Press Releases – at this time we accept press releases for non-profit organizations
    • Advertorial – these are what we usually refer to as “paid announcements or articles”
  • Share a specific story from your life. The Global Filipino is all about personal stories or insights, as these are sometimes more powerful than advice. It’s not just about the lessons and insights; it’s also about how you came to learn them.
  • Offer practical information that will help readers address similar challenges. It doesn’t need to be a list of tips, but the story needs to build to a message and lessons for readers.

How to Submit

    • Up to 4 photos (keep the file size to less than 200KB); make sure you include a caption for each photo.
    • Your profile picture and short bio (only for first time submission, or  you want to replace with a new one)
  • Send the MS word file  using the Article Submission Form below.
  • Once submitted, we will review the article and get back to you. If this is your first time submitting, we will create a user account and (optionally) your own “@theglobafilipino.com” email address.

Thank you very much for your contribution.

The Global Filipino Editorial Team


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